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Attain your fitness objectives with customized diet plans and exercises suited to your specific requirements.



My Fitness Coach is a cutting-edge fitness app designed to offer personalized diet and workout plans based on each user's fitness and health needs. We believe everyone deserves to succeed in their fitness journey, which is why we offer all our information and services at no cost. Along with workout and diet plans, we also provide informative fitness videos to address any questions and concerns. We have teamed up with top-notch fitness trainers to guide you on your transformation journey.
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  • Customized Workout plans, according to each user’s fitness goals.
  • Various workouts including Strength Building, Hypertrophy, Muscle Endurance & more.
  • Difficulty based workouts including beginner, intermediate & advanced workouts.
  • Concise workouts with instructions on how to perform them.

Customized Diet Plans

  • Customized Meal Plan, according to each user’s nutrient goals.
  • Diversified meals focusing on user’s health.
  • Complete ingredient info with macros and user guides.
  • 950+ recipes for users to choose from.

Food Diary & Calorie Calculator

  • Helps track daily food intake and monitor nutrient balance.
  • Increases awareness of food choices and portion sizes.
  • Identifies patterns and triggers for unhealthy eating habits.
  • Supports weight loss and weight management goals.

Informatory Videos

Informatory Videos cover different fitness related topics including
  • How to perform difficult exercises.
  • How to maintain a daily fitness routine.
  • Effects of different intakes on human health.

Stay Fit While Staying Offline

  • Save meal & workout plans as PDFs and use them on the go.
  • Take your meal plan PDFs with you for grocery without depending on app.
  • Don’t let an unstable internet disrupt your fitness journey, save the PDFs and stay consistent in your transformation.